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Friday, April 12, 2013

TAUFE!! (Translation: "Baptism!!"). Heilbronn: March 11, 2013

Dearest Fam-bam, 
Time is again short, as we had our District Pday today, but I will try to write down everything that happened this week, which will be difficult, because there was a lot. 
First off, Phillip was baptized yesterday!!! (See included picture [From Daniel: I'm sorry, but the picture didn't work for me, so I am not able to include it in the blog]) The baptism was great, there were no problems, and I don´t know what else you want to know... it went just perfectly. We were talking to him after, and he said that he really felt the Spirit during the meeting and everything. He and his wife are just super great. 
I guess that after that anything else is kind of just boring... well, I will still try to tell you a little about my week. So Monday was super great, we had Zone Olympics, and I won two Gold medals, I was pretty much the Micheal Phelps of our Zone. The Sisters in our district just planned it really well, and everyone participated great, and so it was a ton of fun. On Tuesday we had Zone Conference, and then an Austausch with the Zone Leaders, which was also super fun. 
The weather this week was almost Springy! There were a couple of days where we were able to work without a coat, and we almost didn´t need the suit jacket, but then today it turned winterish again, with a really nice cold rainy drizzly thing going on. So I guess winter isn´t quite over like we had hoped. 
Umm, yeah, I guess my birthday is coming up. Wow, I don´t really want to turn 20. That sounds so much older than 19! I use that as a crutch right now, I tell everyone that I´m still a teenager, and that they should just cut me some slack, but once I`m 20 that won`t really work! Umm, I actually thought about it a little this week, and I was thinking maybe you could send me a small PMG (Preach My Gospel), they have those now, and maybe a good frisbee? I was thinking that it could be fun if I got a companion who liked to play, we could play for morning sport. 
Sven couldn`t come to church yesterday because he got sick, but his two daughter still came. We are trying to talk to him about them, but he keeps saying that they aren´t ready for baptism. The oldest, Xenia, is 11, and I may have to agree with him about her, because she couldn´t answer the question, ´why do you want to be baptized´, which I think is a pretty important part of being baptized, haha. But yeah, we visited him last night, because he also cancelled our appointment, and gave him cookies, but we have another appointment this week, so hopefully everything will work out. 
This week we didn`t have a ton of lessons, only 2, which was yeah, not great. We should have had a lot more, but there were just a lot of different misunderstandings, and we had one day where we should have had two appointments, and both of them fell out, leaving us the entire day to do whatever we want... Which wasn´t exactly what we wanted. This next week should be great though, a ton of members came up to us and invited us to come over to eat, and so with them and our investigators, we have one or two appointments every day. 
Sorry time is way short. Got to get going now! Next week I can tell you who my new companion will be! 
Elder Merkley

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