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Friday, April 12, 2013

Heilbronn: March 4, 2013


This week was really great, the sun even came out the last couple of days!! I think that a new statistic or study or something came out in the last few weeks, because all of the members have been telling us how this winter has seen the least sun in the last 60 years or something. I don't know if I have mentioned that, but the weather has been super super dreary. Just cloudy and gray every day. But! The sun came out, and I have just been loving it! I got a letter from Sister Whitworth this week, which was great, she also included a a few pictures in there, which I loved. You should take that for an example, pictures are nice. Also, when is Tanner putting his papers in? I really want to know when he is planning to go on his mission!

That one day with the five appointments was good, but one of them fell out, and then we had to change one of them to another day, so we only had like two or three...but! Herbert Krause became an investigator. He's really involved in his Church, and has already read a little in the Book of Mormon (this was actually the second time when we met with him). We hope that he will be able to find out that it is true, but he is very busy, so our next appointment is in two or three weeks. We also met with this super cool young couple, but they wanted to bible bash a little bit. And I just kept saying. Hey. Just pray about it! It was still good, but we don't have a return appointment. Definitely will be giving them a call this week though, we'll see what happens there.

I will now answer some questions from Father, and then I will have to wrap this email up. We've got a Zone Pday today, and so time is definitely something that is lacking.

1. Phillip is doing soooo great. Ahh, I just love Phillip and Becky so much. Yesterday we went to a different area where their parents live, and gave the last lesson to a group of about 11 people, which was great. Especially when we came to the Law of Chasity... but no, it really was super spiritual, and like two hours long. Then they had to drive us back to Heilbronn, and we just chatted on the way back. They're super cool, and super fun to talk to.

Sven is doing super great too, we actually didn't have an appointment with him this week, because he has been super busy, but he did come cook at our district meeting, which was also great. He's a really great cook, and he also may be making Elder Buck and me a cook book as a present...

2. I just can't tell funny stories on demand! If I have them, then I tell them, if not, then I don't. Well, sometimes I just forget to tell the funny stories...

3. This week was actually Stake Conference, so only Phillip and Sven came to that. But Bashir promised to come next week, and he wants to bring a friend too, so hopefully they will both come.

4. I love this ward so much. I really think that I have a great relationship with them. I definitely feel like I belong here, like I am just a part of the ward. There isn't really that weird missionary barrier with most of the members, we're just friends.
Also, my district and I are really good friends too. They just call me 'Leader' nowadays. I think that started three or four transfers ago, and I guess if they talk about me when I'm not around, they only call me Leader, it's actually super funny, even though it may be a little bit against the white handbook...

Ok, I think I'll call it for today. Thanks for being the best family ever, and for emailing me so often! Also, I knew it was your birthay Father! I tried to send a card last week, but then I didn't put enough money on it, and so I had to send it a little later than I wanted, but you should get it soon!

Elder Merkley

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