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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Heilbronn: February 4, 2013

Fam Bam,
Ok, I have like zero time again. I have to take a train in like 15 minutes to go back to Heilbronn. I am in Stuttgart right now, because we had a Zone Pday today and my district came early to help buy and make the food. It was a ton of fun, this district is my favorite of my entire mission. It's also great because I feel like I really know every member of the District really well, partly because of the Exchanges we get to do, and partly because I get to call them like every night. It's really great.
Anyway, this week was pretty good. You know how I told you how we were invited by this part member family? Well. guess who became an investigator! That's right, Phillip. This guy is so cool! He said that there was a time where he wanted to be baptized, but then he didn't do it, and somehow he has forgotten a lot of the spiritual experiences that he had eariler- But he said that he is ready to try and study it a little more, I guess he has just been liking Church. He was also there on Sunday, and it was so great! I was really nervous for this appointment, and so Elder Buck and I had been doing role plays for two days to prepare it. And it worked so well! Right when we got there I went into the bathroom and got down on my knees, and just asked heavenly father to help us so that it wouldn't be awkward, and so that we could help him come closer to Christ. Then we had a really good spiritual thought, which turned into a lesson, which turned into a new appointment.
Other than that the week was pretty average.
Anyway, no time! Love you guys!
Elder Merkley

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