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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Heilbronn: December 3, 2012

Dearest Family,

This week in Heilbronn was pretty normal...oh wait, except winter finally came!! I was just talking about how it was still pretty warm, and that I have been enjoying the last remnants of fall. I take everything back. It is cold. Ok, well, I think it's cold. It is now definitely below freezing, and it  snowed most of the day yesterday! When we went to Church we had to help clean the sidewalks so that members could come safely to the building. (Does one 'shovel snow' in English? How do you say to clean up snow? I'm not sure if this problem is because I haven't been speaking enough English, or because I'm from Southern California, and we just don't talk about these kind of things. Probably a combination of the two.) Awww, man. It just started snowing. No, it's really beautiful, it's just not as much fun to spend the whole day outside when it is freezing!

Anyway, before I whine too much, I think I'll just answer some questions (Also, I am probably not going to write as much today, we wanted to be done a little quicker today...)

1. So, unfortunately, no one became progressing investigators this week. Barney and Nikol are unreachable still, and Kirstin was sick this week, so our appointment with her fell out. We met with one new person this week, but this was probably one of the weirdest appointments of my mission, and she didn't invite us to come another time. No one came to church this week, but this American member showed up, and I had to translate for him, which is way harder than I thought it was.

2. I received only a little grief for wearing my Christmas ties last Sunday. There was more of a scandal when I suggested Christmas songs for Priesthood meeting. I almost started a fight. I had no idea there were such strong opinions on the proper time for starting to sing Christmas songs. 

3.We don't have a Christmas tree yet, but we were planning on checking out basement to see if maybe some missionaries have thrown one down there. The last time I was down there I definitely saw a Santa costume, so there could definitely be a tree somewhere down there.

4.I actually have met this one American missionary who doesn't have an accent. He had done some foreign exchange program for a while, but wow, when i started to talk to him, I thought I was talking with a German, and then I asked where he came from, and he said, 'Ich komme aus Virginia', so the first part sounded like perfect German, and then he just said Virginia, like an American, and I was just so impressed. But yes, missionaries only pray in German, out loud at least. Whether or not a meeting is in English, we always pray in German, I've never heard anyone say anything about it, it's like some sort of unwritten rule.

5. I have received two Christmas cards! One from the Bishops, and one from the Buellers. It was great to get them, and there were nice little notes in there. Besides that I got the other package this week, a letter from my trainer (who is now home and has a girlfriend...), but I haven't gotten your envelopey thing yet. OH! But I sent my package today, but I didn't wrap the things...sorry. Also, don't expect anything spectacular, or even a long note inside. I really just sent you a key with who gets what.

6. With calling home I don't know how we should do it. We can only skype if we are at a member's house, but I am hoping that we will receive an invitation for Christmas, up to now, we only have one for Christmas Eve. But I would personally love to Skype, I think it would be a lot more fun.

Anyway, I love you a ton, thanks for all the support and prayers, they really help me to work hard here!

Elder Merkley

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