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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Klagenfurt: February 10, 2014


Well, this week has been a lot of fun, and has gone by ridiculously fast. I am having a really hard time concentrating right now, because both Kimmie and Anna are chatting with me, and there are a bunch of Italians making Tiramisu and Spaghetti in the Church right now, and they are being pretty loud and Italian, so we'll see how much I will be able to write today.

Umm, so the thing on my mind right now is my Police Report from Germany. I still don't have it. I have another two weeks approximately where I can legally stay in Austria, and there are transfer calls on Friday. I was talking to President Miles this last week, and he sounded like he was very seriously considering just transferring me back to Germany somewhere for my last two transfers, which really scared me. It didn't become real for me until he said that. I had to have something notarized this week, and I am praying that I will get my police report by Wednesday, so that I can start my visa on Thursday and then call President Miles and tell him there is no need to transfer me because everything is already going. Ahhh. I swear. If I get transferred I will be so mad. However, I am just praying that Heavenly Father will inspire President Miles to make the right decision, and preparing myself to accept anything.

We use a little bit of technology in our work. Nobody in our entire mission has ipads, but we do use the computers once a week for emailing potentials and stuff, which is awesome. I have one contact whom I talked to in a bus with whom we should hopefully be meeting this week. Other than that though, we haven't seen a ton of success.

The Hernaus family had a lot of fun at the Bishop's house, and I actually found out that my second semester German teacher, Lyndi Mechan, was one of the missionaries who started teaching Dominik when he was about nine or so, so that was really cool to see. It is weird how small the world is.

There was a little bit of drama with Elizabeth this week. I don't really want to go into explaining it all, but it is just kind of tough because we kind of feel like we have to walk on egg shells around her all the time so that we don't offend her or hurt her feelings. We're not giving up on her, and I am still confident that she will be baptized, but I just hope she develops a strong enough testimony before she lets her fiery South American personality drive some wedge in between her and some member of the ward.

Radu is doing pretty well. We started the stop smoking program with him on Friday, and then he didn't come to Church on Sunday, which really worried us. We called him later that evening, and he told me on the phone that this Church wasn't for him, because he couldn't give up smoking. I asked him where he was and asked him if he could meet us at the Church. He said yeah, and he was there in 15 minutes. We sat down and talked to him about it, and it turned out that he was just really down because he didn't feel strong enough to give up smoking and didn't feel worthy enough to come to Church. Right before this meeting we had been talking to Bishop and he had mentioned the scripture about the healthy not needing a doctor. but the sick. That really hit him, and we ended up meeting with him today, and he came up with a plan himself how he wants to quit smoking, where he slowly weans himself off of it. It will take him about three weeks or so, but he should be able to do it. Keep him in your prayers!

The new senior couple is good, but they are feeling really really overwhelmed. Sister Wade can not speak German, and they have been having a hard time finding their place and getting settled in. They're starting to get a better feel for things though, so I think they will have a better second week.
Also, I forgot to mention it last week, but I got ANOTHER package from Aunt Tami! Just like you said, Mom, she is crazy, but in such a great and unique way. She sent me two great ties that she had found in Goodwill. I love Aunt Tami so much!!

Ok, I have got to get going. Sorry that this email was kind of choppy. I definitely love you, though!

Elder Merkley

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