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Monday, July 22, 2013

Passau: July 22, 2013

Dearest Fam-bam,

We had a pretty fun week this week. I guess I will start with the big news (relatively), I didn't get transferred! And neither did Elder Barker. So, as we had guessed, we will be staying a second transfer here in Passau together. What did surprise me however, was the assignment to be District Leader again...This will be my sixth transfer as District Leader, and will mean that there will be about an exchange every single week, because there are four other elders in our district besides us, and I have to do an exchange with every one. The Sisters here in Passau are also going to be in a trio next transfer, so there will be 5 full-time missionaries to a branch of about 14-16 active members.

This week may also be a little bit more stressful for me, because I will be having to plan the District Meeting for next week, and at the same time I need to prepare a 20 minute talk for Sunday, the assignment was also just given to me yesterday. That reminds me, I did spend the week practicing one hymn, and I played just the right hand of High on the Mountaintop for the beginning of church. It was not perfect, but it was probably better than nothing.

I really appreciate the advice that you gave me about Elder Barker, and it is interesting, because that is more or less the same conclusion that I came to. I have just been telling him to do a ton of things, not in a bossy manner, but just because we both know if I don't tell him to do it, it won't be done. He doesn't mind it when I give him instructions. That is one strength that he definitely has, being humble. We have had some conversations that I never thought would happen without someone becoming offended. I have learned a lot more patience in this transfer, and I am really pleased with the progress that I am making. Not trying to say that in a cocky way, I feel good about where I am going with my life, like I am on the right path. I think I may have told you, but I had prayed for a companion who would help me to love my mission to the next level, as in that I could be even happier. Somehow Elder Barker is helping me to do that. I have never had a companionship that was so relaxed. It is really a completely different feeling, something I have never experienced up to this point.

Something really cool happened this week. So we were at the Müller's house, a family in our ward, and they are moving (don't worry, within our ward boundaries) and they have asked us to come help them. We dedicated all of Friday and Saturday to serving there, because the new people who are moving in keep trying to create new work, so that the Müllers can't get out on the appointed day, which would mean that the new people have to pay less money. Anywho, while we were working there, they found an old pair of Lederhosen, and wanted to have us try it on. I let Elder Barker try it on first, and they were a little small for him. Long story short, the Lederhosen fit me, and they gave them to me! They are real Lederhosen, which would cost about 200-300 Euro normally, and I got them for free! Another kind of funny/kind of sketchy story. So Sister Müller wanted to make sure that I really fit in them, so she made me put them back on, and when I came out to show them (her, her son and his girlfriend), they were helping me get the suspenders on, and making sure it was on right. Then she said, turn around, and so I turned around, and then she slapped my butt, and said, 'So muss es sein!' Which means, That's how it's got to be, or something along those lines. It was hilarious, but I guess it means that I have a good booty for the Lederhosen. Don't worry, Sister Müller is like 65, no problems developing there.

Your question about the investigators. Sensitve subject. We have been spending a lot of time recently doing other things, like service and whatnot, but we are still finding potential investigators, and are hoping that some of those people who give us their information will eventually want to meet with us. We'll keep on keeping on.

Anywho, life is still strangely good here. I am excited for the next transfer. I was telling Kimmie about this a little bit, but I feel like I now have a firmer grasp of who I want to be, and have become more and more okay with who I am right now. I like who I am, and am excited to keep getting better. I set some good transfer goals this last week, and am going to try and keep them in my mind for the next few weeks.

Anywho, nothing else is new. Love you!

Elder Merkley

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