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Monday, June 17, 2013

Heilbronn: April 15, 2013

Dearest Fam-bam,

I'm sorry, but I don't have a lot of time this week either... I have to be leaving for my district Pday in like 20 minutes, so this email will be pretty short. The weather was so awesome this week! Yesterday I didn't have to wear a jacket! That's the first time I haven't worn a jacket in about six months!! Well, this week we saw a ton of miracles, I mean, a lot. First off, in the last two days we found four new investigators. It was ridiculous. So here's the story:

So on Saturday, Elder Jerman and I were planning out our day (because we had ward council the night before, and didn't have a chance to plan on Friday night), and we looked at our weekly goals and kind of realized that we had wanted to find three new investigators, and we hadn't found any this week. We've been getting a little frustrated because we have just about no investigators right now, and we really want to have some people to teach. Anyway, so I said, well, we can find one investigator tomorrow, so let's find two today. And then we planned to go by on a bunch of people who had said that we could come back. Then for some reason, we planned to spend some time in the last town, Weinsberg, and do some dooring. We prayed about it, looked at the map, and chose a spot where we would go. Then when we got to Weinsberg, we called a couple of members and asked them to pray for us while we were working, and I know that one of them at least stopped what he was doing, kneeled down, and prayed for us. We then visited the three of four people that we had found in Weinsberg, and not a single person was home. So then we sat down for a second, we both said a silent prayer, and we both had the feeling that we should change our plan a little bit and start dooring down one particular street. So then we started dooring. After an hour and a half of rude people, we had nothing, and it was already 7 o'clock, so we were going to need to start heading back in about an hour or so. Then we knocked on this one door, and this young guy came to the door. Elder Jerman started talking to him about the purpose of life, but then when the kid said he was Muslim, we kind of shifted into talking about prophets. And then he just invited us in. That's only the third time that has happened on my entire mission!! It was so ridiculous! And then we taught him and his father an intro lesson. And they both became new investigators! The kid's name is Onur, and it turns out he's only 17, but he was way cool and way open to talk to us. It was just a great experience, and the members were really psyched when we told them about it.

Anyway, the second miracle happened yesterday. So we tried to plan out a similar day yesterday, but instead of finding two investigators, we only wanted to find one. Then we spent some time going and visiting other potential investigators, trying to find someone who was home, and we had the same thing as on Saturday. No one was home. So then we started dooring, which is the best thing on Sundays, because the people love it when you knock on their door on Sunday. That was sarcasm, they actually hate it, haha. But anyway, it happened a second time! Somebody let us in when we knocked on their door! It was a little different this time, because it was someone whom we had talked to on the street about two weeks ago, and they were like, hey, we know each other! And then they were like, would you like something to drink? One thing led to another, and then we were sitting on their patio, eating a nice snack and drinking some Apfelschorle. They didn't become investigators, but we did give them a Book of Mormon, and we may stop by in a few weeks to see if they have any questions about it.

That wasn't even the miracle. After that we could have gone back home, because it was already 8, and we hadn't eaten dinner yet, but then I thought, We should call Dennis, who is a potential whom we talked to on the street a couple of weeks ago. So we called him, and he said he was home, so we went over, and had a super great lesson with him and his girlfriend. I mean, super great. I'm not going to lie, lessons on my mission haven't always been super spiritual, because a lot of times the people are just listening to find something that I say wrong so they can argue with me. But the atmosphere in this lesson was just great. Really open, they're both pretty young, late 20s I would say, and so we talked really honestly about our relationship with God, and the girl, Tisha, said that she really had no idea what our relationship with God can be. I felt the Spirit when I started bearing my testimony that God is really our Father, and that we can really have a good relationship with him. We should be going back to meet with them on Friday. It was crazy, we only wanted to find three new people to teach, and then we ended up finding four!

Also, my camera is freaking out right now, so I can't send any pictures, sorry! I got to go though, but Mom, it is way cool that Elder Jerman and I are practically related. Boom. Commented.

Elder Merkley

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